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1862 November 29 Fort Tillinghast, Va.

                 Fort Tillinghast, Va, Nov 29/62
                                    Friday, PM.
Dear Wife,
          I have been expecting to hear from
you for the last two days.  I have as yet,
received no letter from you this week  I
expect to receive one from you to day.
I am enjoying first rate health, Yesterday
(Thanksgiven day)  we had a very quiet
time, we had plenty to eat, Turkeys and
Plum Puddings in abundance. We have
had, in my mess, three boxes this week,
and there is four more coming to-day,
I think they will be about as much
as we can take care of this week.
Some of the Messes had six boxes
come yesterday, each one containing
a turkey.  Next week, Capt Chandler's
wife is coming out here to make him
a visit, she is to bring her oldest boy
with her, and Capt C. talks of keeping
him all winter. I dont think Capt
C. looks at things in the same light

[page 2]
that I do, if he did he would never
keep his boy here among soldiers all the
winter.  I would'nt have Ernie (as
much as I would like to see him)
come here to stay this winter for
anything, he would be spoiled in a
month, such conversation as he
would hear from the soldiers would
ruin him, in my estimation, for-
ever, Yesterday, I think was the pleas-
                    at this time of year
antest day that I ever saw  I had
a good mind to be homesick, but after
due consideration of the matter
I came to the wise conclusion that
it would do no good, to be homesick
so I gave it up, and ate my turkey
like a martyr, but still I wanted
to be with you and the children
very much, I'll bet I will spend
next thanksgiven with you, if
we are all spared alive, untill
that time, I mailed a letter to you
on Monday last, (Nov 24th)  We have

[page 3]
not untill yesterday, received our
mail regularly for the last week,  there
was, I hear, some delay in Baltimore
Earp still continues to improve, and
if noting new of sickness, takes hold
of him, he will soon be well
enough to resume his duties

[letter of Sgt. Robert P. Mansfield, 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery will continue on the 30th]

MSS 1242

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