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1862 November 1 "Hopedale," Albemarle County, Va.

[from the diary of Mary S. Boydon of "Hopedale," Albemarle County, Va.]

Monday Dec 1st About dusk a soldier asked to
stay all night--On being asked to show his pass-
he said he had none-that the colonel had told
him to go on without one, nobody would take
him up-He talked very pitifully, said his
feet were sore &c-& Ma said he might stay
at least till father came home--On hearing
this he said he had a friend at the road
he wished to speak to -& went off, & we have
not seen him since.  He was without doubt
a deserter.  Raleigh sick with a bad cold & could
not attend school.  Celestine still sick also-A
very mild case of jaundice, however--How good
God is!  He makes all our illnesses so mild!
News today that France has proposed to England
& Russia to intervene in American affairs, and
stop this effusion of blood. Russia & England
both decline, however- & it is doubted whether
the United States would accept intervention--
Perhaps an armistice would not be for our real
good as the treacherous enemy would doubtless
use the interval to provide yet greater force to
break our spirit, & overcome us.  The Lord
will bring all things right in His own good
time--This is the day appointed to pray for
peace--I prayed, &, though very feeble, as I
trust int he name of Jesus alone, God will
hear my prayer I believe.

Precept-"What God has cleansed, call not thou

Prayer- "Thou, O Lord art my defender"- Ps. 3:3

Promise-"Blessed are all they that put their trust
in him."  Ps. 146:0.

MSS 4208

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