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1862 November 27 near Madison Court House

                                        Camp near Madison C.H.
                                                     Nov 27th---62
Friend William
                          According to promise I now proceed
to pen you a few lines.  On account of the many
inconveniences I have to encounter I will have to ad-
dress you in as few words as possible.  We reached
camp safely and found the boys well and in fine
spirits.  The following morning after our arrival we
received orders as usual to cook up one days rations
and be ready to leave camp at an early hour in
the morning.  We reached camp on the 20th and
have been marching every day since till to day.
We are expecting orders every hour to cook up another
days rations. Our company is about 30 in number
The Regts of the Brigade are reduced very much.
The 21st is but a good company. No tents have
as yet been received.   We have quite a time of
it in our little, oil cloth dog houses.  The Co.
received their pay a few days before our arrival.
I am well and stood the march quite well, but
I find a vast difference in my situation here
and that of a few weeks ago.  There is but
little sickness in our com. now, but there are
some with quite sore feet.  There are some of the
soldiers int his army entirely destitute of shoes.
It is very painful to witness these barefooted men
traveling in rear of their Regiments.  There are
not a great many of them, but I think it very
important that they should be attended to and
shod while as long as shoes can be had.  I have no doubt

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they will be. Lieut Persinger has not yet ar-
rived, consequently I have not attended to that
yr power of attorney. As soon as he comes
I will present it to him.   I expected to find
him at the Co. but was disappointed.
Capt. Withers now is in command of the 42nd
Lieut. Arrington Adjutant.
Mr. Ingle has left camp. We met him on his
way to Staunton.  He said he had been
detailed to attend the hospitals as his
health was too delicate for camp life duty.
For the want of time I am compelled to close
I wold be glad to hear from you soon.

Unsigned letter to William McCauley from another soldier in the 42nd Va.

MSS 14953

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