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1862 December 1 Post Hospital

                                   Post Hospital  Dec 1st/62
Dear Mother
                        I received your letter containing a
Thanksgiving day at about 11 1/2 o'clock so off to
get my oysters, ham & eggs, &c for dinner so
I had a good Thanksgiving after all the same
day I received a letter from Wm Mansfield
Yesterday I received another from home
I cant conceive what is the reason my letters
did not go better.  As Frank Perkins said I have
not heard but one sermon since the campaign
began I had just got to where a man
was going to preach but was called away
to see a friend.  Day before yesterday I saw
Dr Lyon gain he had been down to Aquia
Creek.  Tell James Morse I hope I shall see
him at Uncles some of these odd days
when the war is over  which I hope will
be soon.  Tell Ann it was decidedly too
bad Frank did not see Laura Simonds
and it was bully good in her to give
you that stove I wish I could do something
for you but under the present
circumstances I dont see what I can do
I am glad you had so much for
Thanksgiving should have liked to have

[page 2]
helped to eat it but my arm was not quite
long enough to reach though it will stretch
pretty well at times.  Did you suppose I would
tell the doctor that I had no clothes not a
bit of it.  the Sanitary Commission coming
over here with great load of clothing but
it was all given out to those worse off
than I was some were without any shirt
at all.  Tell Jona. to be content if I dont
get that little brush as it is doing some
poor fellow some good it is ridiculous
& shameful that we cant get a cent of
pay & $65 due me now if I had it I
could buy clothing by paying 3 times
it worth here but doubt Johnny Harlow
is happy at the idea of going South but
he will wish himself back again soon
There is nothing of importance here for news
all looking to see what Burnside will
do hope he will give them a good
welting if he does then on to Richmond
with the army
    With much love
        From you aff son
                  Wm Wallace

William Wallace Smith, Co. B., 22nd Massachusetts

MSS 15360

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