Friday, November 30, 2012

1862 December 1 Lynchburg, Va.

[from the diary of William M. Blackford, bank officer and former diplomat with five sons in the Confederate Army]

Wednesday Dec 1--Weather threatening-but
it cleared up at night & the moon
came out beautifully--Find our
nett earning for the half year 7.65
exclusive of Int on investments, which
would add 3 1/2 or 4 more.  This is the
best we have ever done--Irby told me
he could realise ten cent  on my
tobacco but advises me not to sell yet
-I shall wait a while--Very impor
-tant news--France has proposed to Russia
& England to intervene--the former
gives a milk & water  answer--Ld
John Russell thinks it is not yet
time.  But Napoleon never gives up
an idea and he will compel England
to act with him--The plan is to in
sist on an armistice 6 mos. during
which all operations to cease---and
of course the blockade to be raised--
I nearly believe the war can be ended
only in this way--Burnsides still
at Fredg-and fortifying.  They are
a queer people to invade a country
and fortify--Eugene is preparing
t start Wednesday.  His servant
Pleas arrived to day.  I think of
going with him as far as the uni

MSS 4763

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