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1862 [November 6] near Chester Gap 12.45 P.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav: Brigade
near Chester Gap  12.45 P.M.

To Colonel A. V. Colburn-
Ass't Ad'jt. Gen'l

Colonel--I have reconnoitered this
country very carefully it being
a very bad one for cavalry & artillery
My scouts are just in from the
Gap & report Hill division three
miles from my present position--
in & on the other side of the
Gap--my pickets at Sandy
Hook saw about fifty cavalry
ride by from the direction
of Flint Hill into the Gap
& looked like a patrol--a
considerable way one train passed
down from the Gap to Sperryville
this morning--Stuart is
at Flint Hill. & has set
another trap for me, of
which I have just heard,
& into which I shall
most assuredly not go in

[page 2]
My information is reliable
& by pushing a corps in this
way, we may not be too late--
The rebels have been passing this
Gap for nine days--
  I am compelled to make a
detour but will do so in as
short a time as possible & give
the General all the information
I can--I shall pass to Barbees
& Orleans--
                       Very respectfully
                         A. Pleasonton

MSS 495

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