Monday, November 5, 2012

1862 November 6 Fort Tillinghast

Fort Tillinghast, Nov 6/62
My Dear Wife
I have received
the box, I got it this afternoon I
was very much pleased with the
contents, It came just in the "nick
of time" A'int them bouncing
Apples, I am very much obliged to
your Father for them, and hope
to repay him for them at some
time, Tell Mother that her pies
disappeared in double quick time
amid exclamations such as these,
Them's bully, That's d==d nice,
That's first rate, &c &c, the
Pie that Abigal sent was very
nice but did'nt suit my taste
so well as Mothers, Your cakes
were excellent and went like hot
bread, The Butter is splendid
such butter would be worth 75cts
per pound, here, Tell Ellen

[page 2]
that I am very much obliged
to her, and will endeavor to
repay her at some future time
The shirts are capital, they
are so soft and nice, I think
they will fit to a charm, the
Quilt is just what I wanted
it is just large enough, all the
Boys say these are the largest
apples of the kind that they ever
saw, I cant stop to say any
more now, I am on guard to-
night, I'll have a nice supper
about 12 or 1 o'clk to-night, I'll
write again between this and
Sunday,  Good night to you
Dear Wife, remember me to
all and as your true and
loving husband,
I did'nt find any Tobacco in the box

[letter from Robert an unidentified soldier from Lynn, Massachusetts, in Co. M., 1st Masssachusetts Heavy Artillery]

MSS 1242

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