Monday, November 5, 2012

1862 November 6 near Chester Gap 11.5 A.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]
Hd. Qrs. Cav: Brigade
On the road near Chester Gap
 Nov 6.     11.15. A.M.
To Colonel A. V. Colburn
     Asst Adjutant
Colonel  The enemy have their
guns planted in the Gap &
a discharged man tells me
that Jackson is there with
his force to defend it   I
think likely & I am trying to
get some round about road to
my destination--We have
found thirty six dead rebels
from yesterdays fight--
Stuart told his men he
intended to bag us as he
had his whole force--On
the retreat they said we
had too many infantry
for them--The rebels mad
three different charges & we
repulsed in all--
                  A. Pleasonton
                      Brig. General

MSS 495

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