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1862 November 5 Piedmont 6.15 A.M.

    Hd. Qrs. Cav. Brigade
    Piedmont Nov 5. 6.15 am
To Colonel Colburn
                  Your dispatch of
last night is rec'd--a prisoner
captured at Linden, says he
belongs to the 10th Va of "Hamptons
Legion", that his Brigade came
today from the other side of the
Paris, his regt having the advance
& crossing the mountains came
down to Linden about dark--
30 of his right were ordered down
to the front, the remainder going
to Linden Station--about 1 1/4
miles from Linden--The remain-
der of the brigade went in the
direction of "The Manassas Gap"-
      He reports infantry on the
railroad between Markham &
the Gap--This shows Ham=
pton's brigade took the road

[page 2]
under the mountain from Paris-
It would be well for Couch to
send a division from that
road today--to occupy Linden, as
that would prevent any flank
movement through the "Gap," &
from this place there's no road
that turns off from here to
Linden--A citizen from Cul=
pepper states that he saw
Longstreet at that place with his
command & that he passed thro'
"Chester Gap"--this was some days
ago--col. Gregg thinks the two guns
abandoned by Stuart may be near
Bloomfield as his men ran the
rebels out of that so fast they left
every thing behind--even 250
dollars confederate money--which
of course they would hardly leave behind
except under a very high pressure--
     Burnside had best occupy
Markham early today--or the rebels
can get behind we in going to
Chester Gap & I will not be able
to get out--A. Pleasonton
                 Brig Genl

MSS 495

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