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1862 November 5 Snickers Gap

Snickers Gap  Nov 5th 1862
Dear Father--We started from Bakersville three days ago & are
Camped in A piece of woods at the foot of the Mountain Gap we are as I sup
pose the reserve Corps of the army as we have been in all the Battles & I can tell
you that the reserve has the hardest part of it because if the Army does
have to retreat we have to stand the blunt of all the fighting besides having
to stop nights without sleep when I left Berlin to cross the River I saw Charley
Green & he said that he was quite well & when we parted I got him to write to
you that we had gone into Virginia I write these few lines in A hurry Just to
let you know Where we are & every stopping place I will write you my love to all
From you affectionate Son Joseph Leavitt, P.S. The night I left berlin
I received two letters from you & one from William, in one of yours was the letter
tat you wrote about Georges Death & about the one that Mr Jackson
wrote to you & I forget the date of either of them as I let Charley Green have them to read

Letters from Joseph Leavitt of the 5th Massachusetts and his brother George of the 5th Maine were copied into a ledger book after the war by their father as a remembrance of his sons, both of whom were killed in the war, George at 2nd Bull Run and Joseph at Spotsylvania

MSS 66

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