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1862 November 5 Barbees 1.30 P.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav. Brigade
Barbees, Nov 5. 1.30 P.M.
To Colonel Geo. D. Ruggles
Asst.Chief of Staff--
Colonel--Agreeably to the orders
of the General Commanding I
started early this morning for
this Chester Gap--I passed
Averell's brigade at Markham
& gave orders for him to follow
me--&  then moved on this
place & found Stuart in position.
He opened on me & I have been
up to this time driving him
from his position--He had
four guns & about 3000 men
Col. Gregg with the 8th Penn
& 6th regulars, moved on the
right of the enemy & turned
their position in fine style--
Col. Davis 8th New York

[page 2]
moved against their left &
Col Farnsworth with 8th
Illinois & 3d Indiana-
moved against the center while
Remington's battery by sections
played upon the enemy--
about 1500 cavalry charged
Col Davis 8th New York which
was gallantly [met?] &
repulsed & a section of artillery
in opportune time opened
on the fugitives & punished
them severely--Seven or eight
rebels were left dead on the
field & a number of carbines
& pistols--Some of the prisoners
are Georgia cavalry--& say they
came thro' Chester Manassas Gap last night
from Hedgeville, & this the first
time they have met us--
They are 300 strong & dont
know anything about

[page 3]
the infantry (rebel) say
they have seen none--of
the desperate fighting I can
mention that a rebel & one
of the 8th Illinois shot
each other at arm's length
& lay dead together on the
road--Col. Davis had
his horse killed under
him & the Adjutant of
one of the Virginia regiments
had his leg broke--
      My brigade today
fought at least 3 rebel
brigades & they were driven
from a very strong position
I just hear a rebel Captain
was killed--my loss is slight
Shall report it as soon as I can

[page 4]
General Averell has just
reported he can't leave
Markham until the infantry
comes up-as he would
lose his wounded--I shall
not be able to leave before
he joins me--there is
no appearance of infantry
down this way, & I think
it will be very well to
push our infantry down
towards Culpepper--
  The cavalry is fighting
so hard only to cover it--
A Brigade of infantry
(light) would save me
much valuable time--
Please ask the Gen'l to send
me one--A. Pleasonton
               Brig Gen

MSS 495

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