Sunday, November 4, 2012

1862 November 5 2 miles from Sandy Hook 4.15 P.M.

[from the dispatch book of General Alfred Pleasonton]

Hd. Qrs. Cav Brigade
2 miles from Sandy Hook, Nov 5. 4.15 P.M.
To Colonel Geo. D. Ruggles
     asst: Chief of Staff
          I have pushed on this far-
& have sent two squadrons to the
Gap which is about two miles
from this--there is no evidence
of infantry here & I am told
by citizens that Longstreet
passed Flint Hill last Friday.
    This is confirmed by reports
from Averell--D.H. Hill's
also gone down & from the
way the cavalry fought today
I feel satisfied they are about
the last--unless Jackson
is in Winchester--Valley--
   the rebels today left 10
dead on the field & we have
taken 20 prisoners--

[page 2]
& a number of Arms--
we had five killed &
eight wounded--
                         My officers
declare it was the finest
cavalry fight of the war &
the repulse on the rebels regt
in their charge by the 8th
New York was a magnificent
sight seldom witnessed--
  The rebel regiment was
the 1st North Carolina--
   Unless otherwise ordered
I shall to Flint Hill tomorrow-
I would advise that our
infantry corps push towards
               Very respectfully
               A. Pleasonton
               Brig General

MSS 495

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