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1862 November 4 Fairfax Seminary, Va.

[from the diary of the Rev. Francis E. Butler, chaplain of the 25th New Jersey]

Tues 4th – Lovely day – cold last night.  Wrote letters, fixed up generally –
Have rec. orders to be ready to march at moments notice – Six wagons
only to Reg – a shelter tent – a wretched little contrivance allowed
to two men or officers – least possible baggage –
We heard firing in direction of Centreville this morng.

tomorrow we detail 300-400 250 men as fatigue party to dig
rifle pits – besides 100 for picket duty - & so every day –
A review is ordered for tomorrow.
Heard of the death of one man Co. G.  Mr. Cook, at
Gen. Hospital (of measles) – I shall go dn. there tomorrow
& see our sick – Held an interesting meetg. in Co. D
tonight - & a talk with young Slinglant Co. C.  seemed
serious - & somewhat persuaded to become a Christian
said he prayed often - & had read the Bible more in Camp
than in 5 years before -     Today I attended funeral
of two soldiers close by camp fr. Hospital - & visited
Hospital – talked with several sick & wounded.  There are
over 1000 in hos. there – some 5 die per day on average –
Also saw 3 contraband under guard passing by,
Arranged tent, & baggage also made preparations to pack
& move at short notice & with small baggage

Company G had two men named Cook: Brothers Martin and William W.
Private John Slingland, Co. C., 25th New Jersey

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12935

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