Saturday, November 3, 2012

1862 November 4 Piedmont 8.45 P.M.

Hd. Qrs. Cav. Brigade
Piedmont, Nov 4.  p.45 P.M

To Colonel Ruggles
Asst Chief of Staff

               My scouts towards
Chester Gap have returned
& report the enemy in that
direction with two guns
in position on the road--
some nine miles from here--
      To go to Chester Gap from
here, we must pass Markham
& it will not do to leave
that point under covered
as it leads out of Manassas
Gap--I will push on to
Chester & Sandy Hook
tomorrow but want some
infantry at Markham
to prevent Stuart

[page 2]
coming thro' on my rear
when engaged in front
with the enemy--
    Please hurry up
the Sharps Carbines Am-
munition & the battery
ammunition train!
        Very respectfully
         Brig. Genl
          Comdg Brigade

I want some good guides
very badly!----

MSS 495

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