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1862 November 14 Richmond, Va.

                                        Richmond Nov. 14th, 1862
My dear Mary
                            I will write you a short letter to day
to say that I was much pleased at the reception of your
letter dated the 3d inst, and also to say that if you
stamp your letters with two ten cent stamps instead
of one, you must have a good many more of them then
I have, you stamped your letter with twenty cts
From the result of the election in the North, which
have gone so largely against Mr Lincoln as is
supposed, I am induced to believe that you will
have less to apprehend an act of the servants, than I
supposed when I left home, and I earnestly trust
that your burdens may become lighter and lighter
every day, until you are at last entirely relieved
from the anxieties occasioned by this horrid war.
                            I wonder if Sallie has heard any
thing about Mr Bowen's property near Greenwood,
Give my love to her and all of them, and tell them to write
to me as often as they can.  tom, who I hope you have seen by
this time, has been exchanged, and your mind relieved
upon that subject, Mr Washington has also been exchanged.
Tell Anna, Mr Taylor a very reliable business Gentleman of'
this place and Cashier of the Bank of Virginia, informed
me that the best investment of Confederate money, would
be in confederate Bonds, bearing 8 percent interest instead
of six, and I will aid Mr Washington in any way that I can.
                               I will endeavour to remit you
Valley money by the 1st safe opportunity I have.  Please
write and let me know your wants and if I can relieve
them I will do so with pleasure.  On yesterday I laid in
some coal and wood, coal $10 pr ton wood $15 pr cord,
and have you pretty much to housekeeping; every thing
is enormously high, and next to impossible to live com=
=fortably.                        Yours as ever
                                        Th. E. Buchanan

Thomas Ely Buchanan, 1810-1889

MSS 4560  

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