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1862 November 14 Camp Casey

                                                 Camp Casey  Nov 14 [1862]
My Dear Father
                                       I just this minute
received your letter also one from Geo
& Chas, and as I fear you did not get
my last letter and as I feel so well
I thought I would sit right down
and write – I am getting along
tip top   I went out and walked
around quite a while to day for the
first time   shall go out again to-
morrow   I have been sick now 2
weeks   I was sick a week in my
tent before I went into the
hospital but it is a poor place to

be sick in.  I have not had
the chill & fever that is I have
not had the shakes although I
had a slight chill two or three  times
but I have had the Camp fever
and it weakens one down pretty quick
as soon as I get my strength I
shall be all right..  the box had
nothing to do with my sickness
for I was sick before it came and
when it did get along every thing
was spoiled so that I could not
eat a thing.   The box lay in
Washington a week and if they
had brought it over as soon as
it came every thing would have
been  all right but it was so
large that they kept putting it
off.   We have got a splendid
camp ground here there are trees
of all kinds on the grounds and
we are going to raise up our tents

about 4 feet from the ground and
board it up around so that it
will make much more room
and then we are going to build
bunks for  2 all around inside
                   Gen Wright has taken up
his Head Quarters in a very pretty
cottage near the camp   he has
command of some 5 or 6 Regiments
and appears very well – will get
his star I guess –
                     I don’t know what
the boys do think about McClellan’s
removal as I haven’t been about
any but I am in hopes that  -
there will be something done
now soon   I am anxious enough
to have the army move..
                     I am glad that
you had such a good visit in
Warren although on so sad an
errand the old place must

look rather gloomy and quiet
     It is very sad about Seth’s death
although he died bravely and
peacefully it seems rather hard to
leave him down there so far from
his home, but it is perhaps best
            It is very pleasant weather
here now   is quite warm again but
it snowed quite sharp last Friday
did it snow any in Meriden?
            Have they rebuilt the Depot –
yet and are they going to build up
the shop again?   It must look quite
bare and empty about there..
            I saw Mr. Hotchkiss and he
obtained a 30 days furlough for his
son and took him home with him
he will probably reach Meriden before
this does   It seemed real good to
see a person from Meriden   Mrs
Sellers has also been on to see her son

[This next part is written in the top margin on page one.]
who is very sick in the
            I must
stop now   I shall be
all right in a day or 2
I guess feel real well
to day – shall expect
to hear from home
again soon
           From Your
                Obed son
(The stamps came just
in time..)

James H. Howard, Co. A., 15th Connecticut

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12668

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