Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1862 November 14 Culpepper, Va.

[letter of Andrew J. Gillespie continues]

Friday 14  I have just Recd your letter of the 17 and I am
sorry to hear the children are so mutch complaining but I hope
that they are better by this time, I am also glad to here that the
neighbours are so kind and obligeing to you as to you beeing uneasy about
fighting at Culpeper I know your mind is easy before this as elias
King knows their has bin no fighting here, their was some cannon
ading in hereing of this place but it was only the Cavelry Shelling
each other But did not doo mutch damage I herd yesterday that
A.P. Hill had a fight at Charlestonwn and took a good many
comasory Stores and some Prisners But we never know when
to believe any thing we hear in camp
  Our corps is a reserve and it is not exspected that we will
bee called in unless it a despert struggle like the Sharps Burg
fight and their we did not go in but was ordered to hold
certain positions
  you say you have put your Hogs up to fatten you aught to
have made you calculations how long your corn would feed
them and whether you would have Salt to salt them when
they have eaten up what you have to give them, I mearly mention
this I hope you have mad all of these calculations correctly
not to have to turn them out after they have eat all the corn
like I have known People to doo
 Davy Hearvy and Thomas are all well Hearvy has mended up lately
and Thomas looks a good deal Better than he did when he first
come in the Servis the other page I wrote yesterday But waited
exspecting to get your letter this morning, and sure enough
it came But all pleasures Seam to bee mingled with Pain
But I hope will work for our good although we suffer for a season

[letter of Andrew J. Gillespie of Ancell's Co., Virginia Light Artillery continues on the 15th]

MSS 9564

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