Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1862 November 14 Horse Shoe Va

               Horse Shoe Va
               Nov 14th 1862
Chas Ellis Esq
        Richmond Va
             Dr Sir
                Please excuse
me for troubling you, but
I know of no one, who can
get the information I need so
well as yourself.
Under the a late law of Congress
the Secty of War is authorized
to grant transfers to soldiers
serving in companies from other
states, than those of which they
are citizens, back to companies
in the service of their own
State.  Is this the law?
Will you please find out
for me whether I can
get transferred to a Missouri
Co under its provisions
[undeciphered name] is sending
away his negroes, hogs &c. I

[page 2]
am going to Cumberland
this morning with a
portion of them and from
there, on to Richmond.
If you will please get
the information asked for
above & write to me at
Cartersville, Cumberland Co
I will be very much
indebted to you.   I think I
have done my duty so far
in the Army and the Govt
might grant the only favor
I have ever asked them it.
            Respfly & Truly
                   Edwin Sully

Obtain the approval of your Cap-
tain and Col. then send it
to Gen Lee, designating the
service you wish to be trans-
ferred to and Gen Lee will
have the transfer made
himself----C. E.

MSS 2516

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