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1862 November 13 Camp Page, Virgini

Camp Page Verginia
               Nov 13th 1862
Wm Ayers
I take my pen in hand
to write a few lines to you stating
that I am not verry smart I
havent bin verry well since the day
we marched threw Philadelphia
I believe that is the cause of my
being sick the day was verry
hot and I must of over het my
self.  The Doctors aint fit to Doctor
a Horse They are a lot of young
fellows just come out hear for fore to
Practice on the solgers  I cant get
any thing that will strenghten me,
all we get to eat is dry bread and
Coffee and Chunk of fat Pork
but I cant eat the pork it makes
sick to look at it I think if

[page 2]
I had a glass of your Cider Roil
it would strengthen me right
up but thear is no use wishing
for that They dont allow any
thing stronger than Watter to be
sent to the Solgers But if you
will send me a small box of
apples I think I could relish
them as well as any thing Apples
is verry scarce out hear and verry
dear.  They ask for and five cents
a piece for them and they dont
begin to be as big and as good
as some of ours if you will
send me some I will make it
right with you when you I come
home We have had a Snow
Storm down hear.  It fell about
4 inches deep, on a level But it
whent off the next day faster
than it came and left mud

[page 3]
about fore inches deep we aint
so far South that Winter cant
reach us We would have to go
about 100 miles further before we
would get whea ther isent any
Winter we are only 4 or 5 miles
from the citty of Washington and
about 100 miles from Richmond.
We havent put up fore winter
of winters yet.  We had our
marching orders last week
but we havent started yet Thear
is a posibility of staying whear
we are this winter. By McClelens
Resineing his office we dont hear
mutch news when you Write
give me your opinion of [home?]
matters and tell me if Billy
has got well or not.  Well I will
close my short letter buy saying
Pleas Write to me as soon as you can

[page 4]
From your unworthy Friend
              James H Johnson
to Mr William Ayers
                direct to
              James H Johnson
             Care of Capt. Inslee Jr
             Co. F 28 NJ Regt
             Washington D.C.

MSS 14759

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