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1862 November 13 Stonebridge, Va.

                  Stonebride Va   Nov 13th/62

Mrs. Bedingfield

Dear Friend as Lt.
Bedingfield has returned
to camps and has written
a letter to Send back to
you, I also will drop you
a line or two.  I was very glad
to see him return and hear
from home, and all the rest
of my friends.  he came to us
while we were out tearing up
the rail road leading from Stau-
nton to Manassus as we came
back to this place we had the
Shanadore river to wade which
went pretty tight with us  I
and John went in to gether
but it was so cold I had
to go back and put on my pants
John says he did not mind
it but it went pretty tight
with me.  the river is some
two or 240 yards wide.  I think
we will fall back to Staunton

[page 2]
or to Culpeper by us tearing
up the road.  I like Va first
rate So far.  for I never have
had better health than I now
have.  I would like to live in
this Valley if peace was made –
John tells me that you have turned out to be a
hattress.  he says you make an
excellent hat.  out of wire
grass.  I think you are to make
a fortune yet – as hats are
an object here and I will
Soon be without.  if it is
in your power to make me
one I would be more than
glad, [-] if Bob can bring it
I hate to bother either one of
you but necesity makes any one
do a good many things they dont
want to do.  if you do make it=
one eighth of an Inch larger than
Bob’s and I will duly reward
you for it.  I Send my best respects
to all the family   write Soon

your friend                       J. Theus

Joshua Theus,  60th Georgia

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13119

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