Monday, November 12, 2012

1862 November 13 Culpepper, Va.

Camp Near Culpepper Court House  Thursday Nover the 13/62
              Dear Susa  I am well this morning and I hope you all are
the same I wrote to you the 4th of the present month the day we go
to this place and I am out of patience looking for an answer but I hope
it is not your fault that I have not got an answer others have got
answers and why cant I.  we have  had several vary cold days
since we have bin here with considerable fall of snow but this is
a warm day and has bin pleasant wether for several days.
we are just lying about in camp doing nothing except drill a little
and stand gard to mind the Horses all together is but moderate exer
=cise our camp is entirely off from the main boddy of the army
which suits me vary mutch to bee out of the bustle of the infan=
=try camps where their is so many men but this a dry country here
nothing to bee bought to eat, the Yankeys having destroyed nearly
evry thing when they ware in here Farmes layed waste and
Houses make tenantless I hope the like will never occur in Fluvanna
Sutch men as never visit the army dont know what distruction
is going on in the country neither doo they know anything of
the Life of a Soldier but I hope this war will end some of
these days, and Peace may again spread her wings over this
distracted land of ours.  War War Blessed are the People who
know nothing of her blighing influences but man by a train
of Sircomstance can come to bair more than he thought posable
for human beings to bair But I keep in good Spirits in hope of
liven to see this mighty strugle over so I can Return to that which
is the greatest of all Blessings of an earthly caricter Home and
friends the thaught of which is Pleasant to the imagination=

[letter pf Andrew J. Gillespie of Ancell's Company, Virginia Light Artillery, will continue on the 14th]

MSS 9564

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