Friday, March 30, 2012

1862 March [?] Prospect Hill Virginia

Prospect Hill virginia
Dear Mary
thiss is the first time that I
have had a chance to wright
sence wee Left camp Brigthwood
after so long a time wee have got
into Rebel territory we are camped
on the same ground that the Rebel pickets occpied the morning
that we Left Bright wood
thay got wind of the movement
and Left. wee had a Hard march
of about 18 miles there is 50 thousand
in Keys division 2 thousand Lances
and 3 compleat Baterrys and
wee ar all camped on thiss hill
and it is a grand sight there has ben
some fighting here not long sence
Shot and Shell are found here
quite plenty

[page 2]
wee have not got our tents
yet wee have had to sleep
out door and on the ground
and I have got some cold
thiss plantation is the one
that used to belong to com
Jones and it has ben a
splendid place but the
troops have torn it all to
peces the negro barracks ar all
torn down he used to keep some
hundreds of slaves it has ben
a splended place I went all over
the house thiss morning
Wee are expecting to move on
at enney moment the story
is round here that the rebels have
Left thair strong holds in most
places in thiss section
one of the Rhode Island Boys
found an old shell and was
to play with it and it

[page 3]
went of blowed his Brains
out there has 2 ben Killed
in that Reg sence wee

wee have got fresh orders
to be reddy to start at a minits
you must direct your
Letters to washington
Keyes Division Co K 7th Ma
excuse this short Letter
for I am on provo and have
a good deal to do B F Hutcinson
in haste
Benjamin F. Hutchinson, Co. K, 7th Massachusetts

MSS 11361

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