Friday, March 30, 2012

1862 March 31 Rapidan, Va.

[postscript to John B. Cary's letter of March 26 and 29]

Mch 31 I have not yet had an opportunity to send my letter as there are no regular
mails here & we have to rely on private parties. Nothing new yet, we still remain here--
We have achieved a most glorious victory in Texas, taking twenty five hundred prisoners.
Stewarts cavalry drove back an attacking force of 8000 at Rappahannock day before yesterday
taking 1 Major, 5 Captains & 22 privates--They were here at the depot yesterday--It is said they
made the best kind of time from Rappahannock to Warrenton with the Cavalry slashing

[cross hatched on page 5]
at them nearly the whole way. I am satisfied that Gen. Joe has them this time. As a Strategist
he has no equal in this Country. Jackson is also giving them fits in the valley. Things look
a great deal brighter just now & I am very sure will continue to improve, so dont let your
fears run away with you, but keep you spirits up, we will come out all right as sure as
shooting. We have again "dawned" on the Taliaferro crowd, in fact we have been there for the
last three evenings. It is a delightful place. Miss Maggie T, my especial is a rapid little thing
with black hair & eyes & a peculiar way of looking & using her eyes, that is very killing--Their
father is Col T--who distinguished himself so at "Carnifax Ferry" If we only stay here long
enough we will have a glorious time. Good bye, love to all, your loving son

MSS 1415

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