Saturday, March 31, 2012

1862 April 1 Camp Hayes, Raleigh, Va.

[from the diary of Charles Hay, Co. H, 23rd Ohio]

Raleigh, April 1st, 1862.
This is what is commonly known as
“All Fool’s Day,” and, as usual, is turned
to account by those who like joking.
Of course, many are duped, and many
enjoy hearty laughs at others’ expense,
only eventually to have the laughed turned
in many cases. But we all feel in
excellent spirits & good humor on the
present occasion, and can afford to take
a joke & laugh at it ourselves.
The weather is exceedingly fine for the
season, but then an influence more potent
contributes to the general good feeling.
The Paymaster, whom we have not seen for
more than three months, has visited us, &
today, with a munificent & lavish hand
distributed “Uncle Sam’s” promises to pay
amongst us, so that this evening we all
have our pockets “full of rocks”, or some-
thing as good. What a wonderful influence
a few dollars has upon a man anyway,
even if he can find no use for it.

MSS 13925

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