Thursday, February 7, 2013

2863 February 3 Chapel Hill, N.C.

[from the diary of Eliza Oswald Hill, refugee from Wilmington, N.C.]

Tuesday 3d  When we awaked this morning to our great astonishment we found
that it had been snowing all night - & the ground in some places also covered
to the depth of 4 feet - Anica is snow bound she cant return to her mis
-tress - I received a letter from Lize to day - She is worried at not hearing
from me - When I have written her twice - & Captn Mason once - &
forwarded him two letters - She is still pleased with her boarding house
says Mr & Mrs Koskingy are as kind to Mr Mason & herself as tho' they
were their children - That the Captn has hired a Piano for her &
she has had several visitors - Dined out one day at Mrs Hargraves
& rode in to town to shop with Mrs Koskingy - But found nothing
to buy - She sent me two very sweetly written letters to read which
she had received from Captn Mason's mother & sister welcoming her
very affectionately to their family - I will copy the old lady's
                                                 Jany 16th 1863 Richmond
Yesterday's mail brought me a letter from my beloved Son, dated on the 11th inst
which informed me that on the following day he was to be a happy mar
-ried man, & would give me another daughter wh. I could love & cherish
as one of my own.  Trusting that his anticipations have been realized
& that he & his Wife have safely arrived at Columbus - I hasten
to send you My Dear Eliza my cordial, & affectionate salutations, &
to welcome you to our family circle with the assurance that you
will find yourself adopted mother & your new brothers & sisters fully
prepared to contribute to your happiness by every kindness & every re
-gard for your wishes which their appreciation of you & their affection
for my Son can possibly dictate. I sincerely regret that we have been
compelled to postpone the gratification which a visit from you would
have afforded us had circumstances permitted your husband to bring
you to Richmond.  But I earnestly hope that ere long I may have
the opportunity of cementing by personal intercourse the tie
which has made me      your affectionate mother
                                                            E M Mason

MSS 6960

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