Friday, February 1, 2013

1863 January 26 [Clarke County, Va.?]

[from the diary of Matthella Page Harrison as transcribed at a later date]

Monday, January 26th - Damp and dismal.  We had two visitations of the blue coated
vandals since I last wrote.  They came on Saturday and carried Cousin Nat Burwell
off.  Went to Pleasant Hill and roused the family up to search for Rebel soldiers.
They looked in every room and closet int he house.  Today a large party came from
Berryville, proceeded as far as Mr. Jones' gate where, meeting a servant of Dr.
Randolph's, asked if any rebel soldiers were in Millwood.  On his negative reply,
they retraced their steps to Berryville.  Cousin John and I were standing on the
porch and aw eight go by from ________.  I heard afterward they had gone there
and demanded dinner.  Aunt L had cold meat set for them.  They refused to eat it
and ordered warm, which she had cooked. _____________ seems to be their ren-
dezvous. The same party passed Upper Longwood en route for that place.  One
seemed desirous of claiming relationship with Cousin John.  Drove down to Glenvin
to see Cousin Mary Nelson, who is staying with Susie until Cousin Dora's return
from Winchester where she went after cousin Nat.

[underlined spaces occur in transcript]

MSS  9759

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