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1863 January 25-29 Vermilion, Ohio

         Vermillion Jan 25
Dear Sister
          I received yours
of the 20 last night was
glad to get one from you once
more sorry to hear John
is in bad health Mrs
Miles said John brought
Miss Thompson to Berea
& gave her recommendations
to me but as luck would
have it Mr Miles was at
the Depot. I knew
that Schuyler would
be liked I am glad
that we are going to have
a new fence it will improve
the looks a hundred
dollars $2.85per rod is
very reasonable they
have not thought of having

[page 2]
a distracted meeting here
yet I have not seen a Cleve
land paper for a month
They call Abe a traitor
here Oh I wish this dirty
miserable stinking hole
was blowed up
I do not know where
Koltor is I have concluded
not to go way off there any
way Mr Skellman wants
me to go to school a term
|Wedesday night|
and study book keeping
and penmanship & then
he will get me an office
nearer home I guess I will do
it I want to go one term
Well my shirts are good yet
hat have been wearing my
old shirts yest I got my
socks thank Miss Thompson
I Will be carful of my clothes
& not lose them I Will

[page 3]
try and be a good boy
  I Will not learn to
dance & will hate any thing
stronger than adams ale
My feet will not be
planted on the Rock of
Ages till I leave this
town I dont think
I have seen so much
Hypocrycy lately that
I am perfectly disgusted
with the church here
for instance I went to
Habers to get some potatoe
the door to the back room
was nearly closed I looked
in & who should I see but
Brother Botsford Fred Bley
& James Anderson. Botsford
raised a glass of Brandy to
his lips & said here is luck
to you boys

[page 4]
it took me down
there is a story about Mrs
Jackson & [L F?] Peirce there
is certain proof that it is
true have not space to give
it if so inclined
I think it is a mockry
to religion to alow such men
in the church
Dear Sister I will  never get
tired of this "line upon line"
it makes me think that I have
one true friend int he wide
to Willie & Luella I send my
love again tell Willie when I
get to be a steady boy & have
a home of my own he may
come & live with me
Emma Van Nearing is living at
Botsfords and doing nothing
guess she never will unles
she takes some pains
they are dancing upp stairs
now but it has no charm for
me. Your aff Bro W H Hawxhurst

Wilbur H. Hawxhurst, future soldier in the 65th Ohio.

MSS 11031

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