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1863 February Falmouth, Va.

[the Valley of the Shadow Project has determined that this undated letter was written in February of 1863, based on the fact the Levi Maish was promoted to Colonel of the 130th Pennsylvania on Feb. 3, 1863]

Camp near Falmouth

A. Chaunt


As they sat beneath the shade
Thomas thus to Sylvia said
Now't the time where none could [hole in paper]
Wont you let me "What" said she

Weave a garland for your hair
Of roses red and lillies fair
Now, my Dearest, come, gratefull be
Let me put my "What?" said she

In your bosom a sweet rose
Thus to her he signed his vows,
The amorous youth becoming hot
Immediately unbuttoned "What?" said she

 [page 2]]
His waiscoat to admit the air
For well he strove to please his fair
The grateful girl refuse him not
And presently he put his "What?"

Hat aside, and on his lute
He played her many a swelling note
[remaining two lines somewhat obscured by fold in paper]
She [?] said, unhappy let
For in this spot I lost my "What?"

            [page 3]
Made in the commanding officers 
you are aware and probably no more
of it than I do but their has been 
appointment made in the reg! and 
commissions given that are not so well 
approved by the men as they should 
be but they have to put up with them 
right or rong Mash is Col. now of 
this Regt I had a letter from Sam 
Hoover since you rote to me he told 
me how things are prospering their and 
I answered his and made it a long 
one I expect to here from him 
soon I have not answered David 
Eberly yet but shall do so soon
tell me how he gets along with the girls 
and I shall bore him pretty well 
if I can I wish some of the boys could 
come around here and spend a few 
days I tell you they would learn a 
heap and have a gay time the pay[master]

[page 4]
was here and paid off a couple
regt. in our Brigade and I tell 
you they have had a gay time since 
lots of money and whiskey so they 
never mind the  [weather?] while the 
goose hangs high. Well Henry I 
shall soon stop as my paper 
is most full and my ink dont 
please me it is made out of 
the vinegar and powder about a 
half hour ago dont it look as if 
it was a substitute for something 
better but whe are in a strait and 
whe do the best whe can and hope 
I wont fall in love with any of 
the ladys while I have so little room 
to spread myself and no better place 
to pen the desire of my heart but 
I can console my self for the [future?] I am 
hoping you will make best use of your  [illegible]
as ever
 Thad Donely

Thad Donely, 130th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers to Henry A. Bitner

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow project]

MSS 11935

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