Thursday, February 7, 2013

1863 February 4 [Clarke County, Va.]

[from the diary of Matthella Page Harrison as transcribed at a later date]

Wednesday, February 4 - A third very cold day.  The anniversary of my wedding day
five years ago.  How many, many changes have taken place since that important event.
Many loved ones have passed away.  Outwardly my life is very much the same but alas!
is my inner temple more adorned?  There can be no sameness in the soul's abode.
Theologians say it must be more defaced of more fitted for the events above.  As the
years roll away I think more of the world than I did then, of its honors, its pre-
ferences.  Do I do my duty by my husband, my children, my brothers, friends?

MSS 9759

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