Thursday, February 7, 2013

1863 February 3

Camp [?]  Feb the 3 63

My Editars  I have seane
one or two of you papers
Witch pleased me vure
much  the Wold find
a Wide surculation in
our camps if it Ware not
for one artical Whitch is
Headed Cutlines From
the outpost Witch  dose
in Sertas other brgads
A the Sat he Says the
Stone Wall brgade dose
all the fiting and nevr
Stagles the Solgars is
hard down in that
artical tell that
Riter fo God Sak to Stop
it  I Wich to Hear from
you thro your paper
                          A Volunteer

[letter from an anonymous Confederate soldier found in the papers of John Esten Cooke, a noted Southern writer, early biographer of Stonewall Jackson, and aide on the staff of JEB Stuart.  During the war he sent dispatches to several newspapers under the pseudonym Tristan Joyeuse]

MSS 5295-h

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