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1863 February 3 camp near Fredericksburg

Camp near Fredericksburg
    Feby 5th 18863
       Dear Sister Harriet
          Your letter of the
19th came to hand last
night for which you will
accept my thanks and I take
this opportunity to answer
it although there is nothing
new to write The furious
storm which burst upon
us last week ended up in
a snow storm: which has
made the roads impassible
It is now very cold and it
is very difficult to keep warr
warm in our tents: There
can be nothing done here
for the present that's certain
and whether there ever
will be is more than I
know: They are divided at
Washington in opinion an

[page 2]
better give up the contest
for it will take time
The rebels have staked every
thing on this contest and
if they lose they lose all
with them it is death or
victory and the sooner
our people understand
it the better it will be
for them; Our army feels
it to be so and certainly
they ought to know a
little some thing about
it.  I have almost lost faith
to believe that we should
finnally conquor but if
our people are going to
quarrel among themselves
all is lost: Strange indeed
that it should be sol, but
I humbly bow to the
will of him who doeth
all things all things well

[page 3]
to what it is best to do and
worst of all the people at home
are getting discouraged and
disheartened at our slow
progress.  They do not and
cannot understand the
difficulties under which
we labor or the obstacles
with which we have to
contend, if they did I am
persuaded we should not
fear so much complaint
The strength of this rebelion
has not been understood
nor the time which it
will take to put it down
and if our people are
expecting to see this
rebelion put down in a
few weeks they will be
dissappointed and if they are
not willing to wait until
it can be done, they had

[page 4]
and not who cannot err --It is
sometimes hard to believe
this doctrine, but it is true
nevertheless: If we do our duty
God will take care of the
consequences, and although
it may seem mysterious to
us we are bound to accept
it is as right and just
in God.  This is my belief and
though it be for the present grevious
it will if we improve it aright
work out for us exceeding joy
I must stop here.  Give my love
to all and believe me your
Affectionate Brother
  Send this to Phebe. I
do not get much time
to write to her
                    JH Pery

Josiah Perry, Co. K., 33rd Massachusetts

MSS 2137

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