Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1863 February 2 Richmond

                                                         Richmond Feby 2nd 1863

Dear Sir [Edmund Ruffin]

                 Your letter dated Jany 22nd post marked 24th was
received on the 29th with your check for $300 attached, with the
request that I would invest it for you in Confederate States
8 pr cent loan.  This you will perceive by the date of the scrip
(which I now enclose) was effected on the 30th and bears interest
from that date inclusive.  The morning papers are filled with
the most encouraging news.  The opening of the port of Charleston
is the most  brilliant achievement of the war, and in its
far reaching consequences cannot be easily calculated. It is a
matter of congratulation that this signal success has been
reserved for South Carolina, as the supreme hatred with which
she is regarded by the Yankees will give point and poignancy
to the humiliation and shame which he has inflicted upon
them.  Can it be that England & France will be so pusillan
imous as not to inforce[sic]  the advantages which ensure to them
under the just interpretation of the law of nations by the
raising of the blockade?  We shall soon see.
                                                          Yours, very truly
                                                                Chs [Z.?] Williams

MSS 3026

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