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1863 February 2-3 Fort Gaines

Fort Gains – Feby 2nd 1863   4 Oclock in the morning    
          My Dear Wife.
                                  This being my night to post
and relieve guard at the Battery every two hours
precludes the possibility of my sleeping any at
all – And having read my Bible untill my eyes
are weary and tired of following its finely
printed pages – I have concluded to lay aside that
good book for the present – and refresh my mind
with the delightful task of  jotting you a few
lines –
 I will however commence this leter [letter] without
making a verry lengthy prelude by relating to
you a verry pleasing little incident which happened
last evening and of which I was a happy recipient
     In company with J.M. Burford and J S Callaway
about 4 Oclock walking along on the beautiful bluff
which Nature it would seem intended for some nice
purpose and on which our Battery is situated – we
came up to where there were standing these lovely
and neatly dressed young Ladies – upon a nearer
approach I discovered that they were the same three
that frequently visited us doing our exercise in
heavy artillery – Having satisfied ourselves of this
fact - I proposed that we venture up and introduce
our selves in as much as young men in and around
Fort Gains were verry Scarce – The proposition was readily
acceeded to by C & B and I tell you for about an
Hour I had a most excellent and animating time.
                                  The names of the young Ladies are
two Miss Tennill’s and a Miss Burnett – You must
not think because I am enjoying myself with the
Young Ladies of Fort Gains that I am looking for a
second wife – this fortunate occurrence will probably
not happen again for months to come – but – rest
assured if it does I shall always be in for
one chance with the best of Motives –
     We told the Young Ladies notwithstanding
we were married men we still loved to
associate with them – and more especially

[page 2]
when we were absented from Home and its charming
attractions – I have just bought 175 lb Sugar  tolerable
brown at 30 ¢   I will try and manage some way to get
it Home in a few days – Kiss all the Children for
me -                    Your affectionate Husband
                                                           W. H. Locke
[Written in pencil on page 2  is the following:]
P S     Feby 3  1863
     Your letter dated Sunday
has Just Come to hand
Let “Louis” finish pain-
ting the Dining Room
as we first designed
it will cost but little
more and will be much
better than to have it
half finished - 

William H. Locke, Eufaula Minutemen, later the 7th Alabama Cavalry

MSS 13485

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