Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1863 February 1 Stone Hospital

                 No. 88
                                             Stone Hospital Feb 1st / 63
Dear Sister
                          I received yous of the 17th yesterday it
having been missent to the 14th Mass Regt and was
glad to hear from you at last write oftener in
future things is about the same here as usual
everything lovely. I shall have to come home and
see about that big Wm that dares to take you to
Sewing Circle up at Unionville was there as many
private citizens and young ladies as usual and was
Miss Mansfield as young and spry as usual kissing all
the young men and playing all manner of games
should think  11 o clock was bully hours for good
Methodists to keep.   I am sorry to hear such a
bad account of Mother but tell her to keep
up a faint heart as the old woman said and
get well as things dont look so dark as they
did.  Well now put in and learn how to back
round for when I come home I shall want
you to drive me out in a fancy style
with a fine boughten horse & tipcart
O horrors what an old lady you are almost
an old maid only think of it, only 8 years
more  Where is Seldie stopping at Mr Flaggs
or where.  Tell Homer to go in for a good
time in town only keep sober and dont
gamble as it will take all his money and he

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wont have any to buy cigars with.  He wants to
know how I sleep tell him I sleep between the
sheets as big & grand as he does on a husk
mattress & iron bedstead.  Tell him I can have
a pass any day to go where I have a mind to
and some parts of the city I go round without
any fuss and can [see] any part of the city by keeping
my eye pealed for the provost guard and dodging
them What a doctor he will make if he dont
know how to spell diarrhea tell him that is
all right dont effect me at all Tell him as
regards sleeping I dont go to sleep any night
hardly till 11 or 13 o clock.  Mother wants to know
if I have had any letters from home tell her
I have had 3 or 4 and that she had better drop the
14th St of her direction as it is of no use
So Homer couldnot make the old
smooth bottoms work could he well
bully for him I shall have to give him
a lesson or two some of these old times
when I have not so much business on
hand as at present as I have not got these Rebs whipped
yet Give my respects to Mr & Mrs Potter Love to
all at home
       From your aff brother
                           Wm Wallace

       How does Gov Andrew get on with his nigger
regt most full

William Wallace Smith, Co. B, 22nd Massachusetts Infantry

MSS 15360

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