Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1863 February 1 Staunton, Va.

[from the diary of Joseph A. Waddell,  former newspaper publisher and civilian employee of the Quartermaster Dept.]

Sunday night, February 1, 1863.
L. P. Waller came up after dinner to-day, bringing a young man named Jones, from Kentucky, a Lieutenant in Gen. John H. Morgan's command. He seems to be a very intelligent, and genteel youth. I invited them to remain all the afternoon; they promised to return to supper, but sent a note excusing themselves. Just before supper, J. H. Lacy came up, on his way from Richmond to Lexington. He is one of Gen. G. W. Smith's Aids, and gave us some important intelligence. Two of our gun boats at Charleston had gone out and attacked the blockading squadron, capturing one, sinking two and driving the others entirely off. Thus the blockade of the harbor has been raised, and according to the law of nations, it is said, the port cannot be closed again for sixty days. By order of Secretary Benjamin a steamer was immediately dispatched to Nassau, New Providence, to give notice that the port was open to neutral commerce. A battle has occurred near Suffolk, in which we are said to have defeated the Yankees. Gen. Wheeler has destroyed several more Federal steamers on the Cumberland. The news altogether, especially that from Charleston, created quite an excitement, as was exhibited at Church.

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow project]

MSS 38-258

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