Thursday, November 8, 2012

1862 November 9 Fairfax Seminary

[from the diary of the Rev. Francis E. Butler, chaplain of the 25th New Jersey]

Sun 9. Marched with whole regt. on picket – out a little river pike
road to Centreville about 3 miles – there posted 4 supports
a mile or two beyond & threw out pickets a mile in advance
of that on a serv circular abt. 5 miles long – raw windy day
Cleared up warmer – posted pickets with Cols. D[errom] & W[right] over hill & dale
meadow, moorland – orchard. thro. marsh & forest -
At one place my horse got mired deeply fell over on
to me – no harm done – picked persimmons – ripe &
good – After dinner, I rode to three supports &
also at Grand reserve at Fitzhughs & held religious
service at each – The men had made picturesque
huts of evergreen & lighted good fires pretty sight
We staid at F – a loyal Virginia Bachelor.

Seeing in morng a deserted & elegant county seat rode up saw
a man cutting wood – He told us it was C[?] Lorrents house –
my Classmates old home – now he & his father are rebels.
Had family prayer in eveg –

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12935

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