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1862 November 3 Hagertown, Md.

                Hagertown, Md.
                  Nov 3, 1862
Dear Mother
                    Perhaps you
will be somewhat surprised to
learn of my being in this
part of Md as I wrote
you sometime ago that
I anticipated an advance
I was mistaken as I am
many times.  We are again
encamped in Williamsport
which place I left this
morning.   It is now about
2 o'clock P.M. and is quite
cool.  I came here to-day
to express some money
for the boys and also to
send you some clothes which
I do not want.  McKay's

[page 2]
Son and I sent some
to-gether and I have
directed them to Duncan
McKay consequently you
will have to call upon him
for them  I sent a jacket
and a blouse and also sent
a letter to him for you
You will get all I sent
you by going or sending
to Duncan McKays for it.
the bullet that lodged in
my saddle I put in the pocket
of the jacket.  The jacket I
want you to keep for me,
and Father can wear
the blouse.
    Well Mother we have
plenty of equipments, we
need no more now  In fact
we have to abandon many things
which would be of service to

[page 3]
you at home.  It is im
possible to take all of them
with us on a march.
  I received a letter today
from cousin Em and she
tells me that Woolley is woun
ded  Mother if this is so
I do not want to leave
the army until I avenge his
wrongs, but it can not be
so can it?  My God, it cant
be so. It is impossible for
it to be so! Just called as
it were upon the impulse of
the moment! and hurried
at lightning-speed to the En-
emys land!  and he parrel
ized so soon!--it is impos-
sible! I cannot believe it to
be so.   I know there must
be a mistake.  Please inform
me in regard to him.

[page 4]
There has been heavy
cannonading for two days
in direction of Winchester
Va.  I hope that the ad-
vance of this great army
has commenced.  We have
light duty now and
every thing goes well in
our regiment.  I do
not know our future
movements.  You need
not trouble yourselves at
home about my welfare
for I am all-right &
never felt better in my
life.  I want Father to
keep all the grain he can
till Spring I tell you
it is going to be high--
Please write soon and very
often With much love
I am yours W. H. Redman
I do not get but few letters
from home. I should like to
know what is the reason you
dont write  W H Redman

[in left margin of page 4]

I will write to the boys soon

William H. Redman, Co. C., 12th Illinois Cavalry

MSS 7415

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