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1862 November 3 Fort Tillinghast

Fort Tillinghast, Va. Nov 3/62

My Dear Wife
                        Having nothing to do this
morning, I thought I would commence to
write you a letter, I have not got much of any-
thing to write about, we get no news, but I
expect we shall all have some in a few
days, and good news too, if we can judge
anything about the war, by the moving
of troops, I understand that all the reg-
iments about here have marching orders
(we have'nt got any, no sha'nt have any) there
is any quantity of regiments encamped
around here, they are going off every day.
I suppose the most of them are going to
reinforce Siegal, they seem to all be
going towards Fairfax, Last Friday we
were again mustered in for our pay,
which makes four months service that
"Uncle Sam" owes us for, I do'nt know
when we shall get our money, but the
most of us think we shall be paid off
this week, I hope we shall, for I for one
want some money very much,

[page 2]
We have for the last few days, been having some very
fine weather, to day it is pleasant, except that the
wind is blowing almost to a hurricane.
We are to have a change in our company,  Lieut
Rhodes (our first Lieut) is to be, or is, promoted
to Captain of Company G, in place of Capt
Day, who has resigned, (they are all from
Marblehead)  I suppose that Orderly Sergeant
Carroll, of our company will now be promoted
to 2d Lieut,  We have just heard that the
Rebels are retreating before Siegal, I hope
such may be the case, but I do'nt fully
believe anything, now a days untill I know
it to be a face.  I suppose you have began to
think about Thanksgiving at home now, well
so have we here, most all of the "Boys" have
sent home for their boxes and turkeys, four
or five from my mess, have done so, I rather
think by appearances that there will be
some feasting about the last of this month.
We have, the most of us, such tremendous
appetites that the most we think about
now is something good to eat, Amen

[page 3]
I feel this morning just as though I should
like to be at home with you, this I would
help you wash, and wring out the clothes, then
I would get a horse and carriage, and you
and I with the children, would go and take
a ride, as the matter stands however, I
think I will put it off until I next
spring, when it will be pleasanter, I suppose
come to think about it, that it is geting
to be rather cold for pleasure riding there
now, I suppose you are aware that if we
have to stay here the whole three years out,
that the regiments, has'nt got but about
nineteen months more to stay, because
the regiment was formed and enlisted,
a year ago last 5th of July, and the
whole regiment will be discharged at
one time, but I dont imagine that we
stay any longer than next spring, that
is what everybody says now,  We shall hear
something in a few days that will decide
about the War in one way or another
Our grand army is on the advance.

[page 4]
I shall be looking for a letter from you now
every afternoon, it seems a long time since
I received one from you, about the middle
of last week, You ought to see us rush to
the Orderly Sergeant's tent when the Mail
comes in, if you could, you would not
have any doubts, but that we were anxious
to hear from the dear ones at home,
To-morrow I suppose is Election in Mass
I should like to be there, if it was only
to cast my vote against John A Andrew
I think that he is entirely played out,
You may be sure that he would'nt get many
Soldier's votes if they could have the chance
of going to the polls,  Abolitionism and Nig-
gerism, is played out with the Soldiers,
I have nothing more to say about it,
Please write as often as you can, give
my love to Father & Mother, Kiss the
children for me, accept my love for your-
self, and ever believe me, yours truly,

Robert, an unidentified soldier from Lynn Mass., in Co. M., 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

MSS 1242

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