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1862 November 19 Camp near Williamsport, Md.

   Camp near Williamsport
         Nov 19th 1862       Md
Dear Mother:
                 I improve the
present morning in writing
you a few lines.  I am well
and hope this may find
you the same.  I  hope all
of you are well and do-
ing the same. I have been
trying to get a man to take
my place in the service
so that I can come home
but as yet have found
none. Do you receive all my
letters?  I write every day
or two.  I have no news
to write you-  the Captain
says that he is willing for
me to go home and he will

[page 2]
use his influence to
get me detailed as a
recruiting Seargeant for
the Regiment.  I am going
to see the Colonel today
and see what he will do.
I sent you a letter a
few days ago to send to
E. B. Washburne. Did you
send it?  The same letter with
some changes will do to
send to Governor Richard
Yates.  In addressing in the letter to him,
it should be "Most Respected
Gov Richard Yates: Dear Sir: it
is, etc.  I think that between
the two you will get a hear
ing.  His address is "Spring-
field, Ills."  I am not home-
sick, not do I want out
of the service but I know
the necessity of my being

[page 3]
at home.  Have you
tried to get a substitute?
Mother, there is one thing
I want you to do, without
fail, and that is, to get
our deeds recorded.
The deed to the five acres
of timber has never
been recorded and you
must have both of them
recorded immediately
before anything else is
done.  Just tell Durren
to move his house and
you will pay him his
money back and don't
you give him any deed
for you will need that
30 acres to live upon
I dont ask any of the
property now but
want you to keep

[page 4]
it all for your own
use.  Get Billy to be
your assistant Admin
istrator and be sure to
be appointed in con-
junction with him yourself.
Do not let Uncle Scot have
any thing to do with
the estate or any other
man but Wm Wick
And if he will not accept
of the appointment, be ap-
pointed yourself alone.
I do not think it would
do to have me appointed
as I am in the Service and then
I do not want the appointment.
I will assist you though all I can if ap-
pointed.  Do keep all the stock
you can on the place.  I
want to know how much
stock and grain you have
on hand.  Tell me all about
your business.  Let Em teach.
I will send you some money to pay
taxes about the 10th of Jan.  I do not ex-
pect pay before.  Mother, I will send
you all my money and you can
allow me for it if you have a mind to
do so.  I don't care, just so you are comfortable.
I can live anyway.  With much love  W.H. Redman

Write soon and often  W.H.R.

[upside down in top margin of page r]

P. S.  I cannot get to see the Colonel
today.  Where is M. Wooley and J.S. Crow?
                                                   & no less
You may sell Old Nig for $90.00 cash money^.
What is the price of grain?

[page 5]
Dear Brothers:
           I thought
I would write you
a few lines too.
I am well but have
been in trouble ever
since I received Em's
letter yesterday.  I
know your sit-
uation, and know
too that a great deal
of responsibility rests
upon  you. Our
poor old  Father now
sleeps his last sleep
and you and I are
separated.  I am
far from home and
you are at home.  On
you now depends Mother's com-
fort.  Will you now

[page 6]
commence to act the
part of men. Your
must do so.  Let har
mony ever prevail
between you and
do up the work as us-
ual.  Now, Boys, do
take good care of things.
O do!  I will come home
if I can.  Be good
Boys and save
your grain.  Now,
Boys, if  you don't,
I shall not forget
it in future life.
Be good to Mother and
the rest of the family.
Write soon.  I am,
very truly, Your Brother, W. H. Redman
Good bye,
take good care of the stock.

William H. Redman, Co. C., 12th Illinois Cavalry

MSS 7415

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