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1862 Nov 19-20 Stafford C.H.

Stafford C. H. Nov 19/62
Dear Father
I have Recd
yours of the 9th inst. with
the $3.00 I am very much
oblige send on the $10.
I sent you a letter a short
time before I recd yours
but as you say "Write often"
I will do so.  did E have
to be examined before he
could get exempt.  We started
last Sunday for this place
the first day was pleasant
he next we were rear
guard & did not march
far until after dark & at
twelve Oclock I ate two
crackers & drank a cup of
"tea" & lay down on the wet
ground to sleep & early

[page 2]
yesterday morning (before
day light) we were wake-
up & about day light we
were off we marched
between 12 & 18 miles it
rained a little most all
day.  We are laying still
to-day.  It is raining quite
fast but I am in my little
tent all right side up
Parker lays along side
he is not very tough &
ought not to be here
he is not tough enough
still he keeps up.  I have
no doubt but what your
letter was acceptable but
I think that I would have
got the promotion just
as soon.  Lieut Farrand
asked me the other day
if I thought of enlisting

[page 3]
again after my time was
out. I told him I thought
not I asked him if he
thought they would keep up
the Reg after our time was
out-he said yes.  I says
there will be a good
chance for some of the
old Srgts yes said he &
you no doubt could get a
commission if I would
stay, but swore then that
there is not much [chance?]
as we have had three
promoted in our Co to
Lieut.   I think that I
shall have to give my
treasurer a little talking
to but then she never
had that $16 in her charge
so she is right after all
I have in my bank $11

[page 4]
due you that you have
sent me in good money
which I expect you to
take of of that $16 I
expect calculate to keep
money enough to use from
one pay day to another but
we have not been paid al
most five months so I have
run behind a little bit
I expect to pay you back all
you sent me.  I have
some $60 due me now
& I had rather you would
[?] & put it all out all
only I want you to keep
[line smeared by crease in paper] of all the
money you send me
My boots are so stiff &
heavy they hurt my feet very
much & I do not know but
what I shall sell them if
I can get $6. which I have been
offered.  Your are quite [?]
yours  Resp Chs E Bradley

[in right hand margin of page 4]
four Blankets came very acceptable
& [remainder of line smeared by center fold in paper]

[upside down in top margin of page 1]
Nov 20  every thing quiet.  I got some
potatoes at the Commissaries last night-12
a Pn.  The boys cannot get tobacco & so they
smoke ground coffee hard up.

Charles Ellery Bradley, Co. I, 32nd New York

MSS 9728

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