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1862 November 17 Hopewell, Ala.

     Hopewell  Nov 17th 1862
Dear master
      I have writen to you every
month-and hope that my letters
have been received. We have
not received a letter from you
since June but we have heard
from you through Mr Powell.
I was sorry to hear of the bad
state of your health.  I hope that
by this time your health has improved
we would be glad for you to come out
and spend the winter with us if
there is any way for you to get here.
We are all well at present but
Cain. he has a riseing in one of his
ears, but he is much better than he has
been. the people at New Hope
has been quite sickly this summer
and fall, but they are all nearly
well. We have two very nice
young men Boardeing here with us.
they are from Columbus Miss.
Mr. Powell wrote to you about
them.  they walk from here to College

[page 2]
I am geting along very well with the
peoples winter clothes.  the children
are all in good health and they are
growing very fast.  Etter has a
very fine child nearly two years old.
I think that she will raise it as
it is very healthy--We have Turnips
Sallid and winter Cabbage comeing
on in the garden.  I have just
heard from Mr. Bordens.  They
are well but Mrs [Joe?] Borden
She is very sick. Mrs Averys
family. I will now bring this
letter to a close hopeing soon
to hear from you I am as ever
your Servant
                     Lucy Skipwith

MSS 640

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