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1862 November 17 Head Quarters

Head Qrs 1st Div: 1st Corps. A.W. Ten
Mouth of Tippah  Nov 17th 1862
My dear brother
Capt. G.R.G. Jones, a
son of Hon Geo: W. Jones of Iowan, Uncle
Powhatan's old friend, leaves for
Richmond tomorrow--and I take
the opportunity not only of letting
you know that I am well but of
introducing him to you--He was
taken at Fort Henry with General
Tilghman, and is in the Ordnance
Department of the Division now.
We are very comfortably fixed
here now with no prospect of the
Yankees getting at us or of one
advancing upon them--There
is a rumor and it has foundation
that Gen Kirby Smith is on his
way to us with 25.000 men. When
he arrives we shall be able
to do something--not before.
Introduce Captain Jones to
the girls- you and they will
find him an agreeable,

[page 2]
likely educated gentleman.
  I have ordered an overcoat
and a uniform from [Beard?] and
Poindexter--should they be finished
send them to me by Capt Jones.
I shall send on a month's pay
to settle for them in a few days
by Mr Woolfolk of Paducah, who
will carry on official papers
from my office.  Love to one
and all.
            Very Truly yr brother
             Powhatan Ellis, Jr.
Charles Ellis Esq
President Richmd & Petersburg RlRd

MSS 2516

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