Friday, November 16, 2012

1862 November 17 "Hopedale," Albemarle County, Va.

[from the diary of Mary S. Boydon of "Hopedale," Abemarle County, Va.]

Sunday, 17--A soldier called here this morning
to get breakfast-He was going to his home in
Mecklinburg to procure another horse-Gave
him a pair of socks.  Father had quite a bad
headache, & was doubtful about going to
St John's this morning; but finally decided
to go-Had an excellent congregation & was
glad he made such a decision-Heard of
Chapman Gordon's illness--Raleigh went down
to Gordonsville & spent the whole day very
unprofitably if not worse--Felt very uneasy
about the moral condition of the dear boy
May God have mercy on his blindness-

Precept-"My song shall always be of the loving
kindness of the Lord."--Ps 89:1
Prayer-"Be merciful unto me,O Lord; for I call
upon thee daily"  Ps.86:8
Promise-"My hand shall hold him fast & my
arm shall strengthen him."  Ps. 89:2.

MSS 4208

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