Friday, November 16, 2012

1862 November 17 Fauquier County, Va.

[from the diary of Anne Madison Willis Ambler]

Monday, November 17, 1862

Had a quiet hour whilst Jack was asleep-
& the children played in another room=
enjoyed the X chapter of  II Cor=. Why
is it that I cant always read my bible as
I did this morning.  Sometimes my heart feels
so cold that I never respond to any of
the beautiful thoughts it contains---
---Sewed all day till 4 o'clock then
went to dinner Ma has only two meals
a day now & coffee at dinner that is an
excellent plan for these short days--we need
nothing more & it gives some time-
The children are all unwell, i.e. Patsys three &
Tom & Jack,-Daisy is well--but wants some
judicious managing is rather cross & disposed
to be disobedient-Tom is a changed boy-rarely
indeed now disobeys me positively-last
night for the first time for months put
on some of is old airs, but I feel like
passing it over as I know he is sick- poor
little fellow--asked me some nights
since whose father he would be, when he
got a man;-
It is late= all have gone to their rooms=this
is the hour I miss my own loved husband=
when all was quiet I most [enjoyed?] his
presence--How often have we sat over a few coals
chatting- I miss him, But I will hope.

[as transcribed in 1972 by her granddaughter Anne Madison Wright Baylor]

MSS 15460

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