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1862 November 16 camp near Williamsport, Md.

      Camp near Williamsport,
           Nov. 16th, 1862   Md

Dear Mother,
                        I have a
good chance to write this
morning and I thought
that I would improve an
opportunity to write you
a few lines. I am well
as usual; but can not
say that I enjoy myself
for I cannot help but
think of you at home.
Mother, I have been anx
iously waiting for a letter
from you, hoping to
learn how you are getting
along and what you
have concluded to do.
I want you to tell me all a-

[page 2]
bout your affairs at home
whether you have con-
tracted any new debts
since I came away, and
how many of the old ones
have been paid up.  I
want to know all about
the debts.  Mother, I know
it is hard for you to
bear the calamity just
brought upon you; but
such calamities must come
and we must bear them.
I would be more reconciled
to Father's death if I
could have been at home.
I hope to you be at home
before long to see you
all and help look to your
wants.  But I do not
want you to depend too
much on my coming home

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for I  may not come.
The Captain has prom
ised to detail me as re
cruiting Sergeant for
the regiment.  If he
does I shall be at home
for some time at least.
If you can find any
one that will take old
Nig to take my place
in the army, make
the bargain and send
him on to us.  And I
will enclose a letter which
I want you to copy off
(or have Em to do it) and
send to E.B. Washburne.
He is representative from
our district to congress
and he got Bailey's diss
charge, and I think can
get mine  You can

[page 4]
get his address of
the Sheriff in Mt. Carroll
or of C.B. Smith.
You had better not
tell him what you want
Washburnes address for
Do not tell anyone that
I know anything about
your writing.  Just send
him the letter and a
wait results.  I want you
to tell him all about the
property you have now.
How much old corn
you have and how much
wheat and do try to
keep things together.
I shall do all I can to
come home son.  Give
my love to all the family
and regards to inquiring
friends.  I am, as ever,
your loving son,
                W. H. Redman
Mrs Catharine Redman
PS. I  received a letter from A.J.
Brock.  He is well and all the
boys that went with him.

William Henry Redman, Co. C., 12th Illinois Cavalry

MSS 7415

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