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1862 November 16 Camp Casey, Fairfax Seminary

                                                 Sunday Nov 16th [1862]
                                                              Camp Casey
                                                               Fairfax Seminary
Dear Bro Geo..
                             I fell [sic] some like
writing to day and although I
have written 3 letters yet I will
write you a short one..  I have
been sick about 2 week with
Camp fever and there are a good
many sick in the Regiment with
it but I have not been very
sick   I only had the fever about
a week and the doctor broke
it up or else it run out itself

I don’t know which but I am
all right again except that it
took all my strength and has
me as weak as a rat but I shall
gain it again soon,..   You see
we have moved our camp again
we made quite a stay at Old
Camp Chase and I got pretty
sick of the place but we have
got a good Camp now although
it is 6 miles nearer the rebels
     Our Regiment has to go out on
picket guard but the boys say
it is fun and I want to go
with them next time they go
out about 5 miles from camp
at any rate it is better than
guarding long bridge, for I don’t
think it is as hard work
     There is lots of game here right
near the camp   rabbets   quails &
partrages but they won’t let you

use your gun so that we can’t
shoot them but as soon as I get
well I am going to set some
traps and snares and have some
thing besides salt meat to eat
                   Tell Father that I have
got to have a pair of long legged
boots pretty soon, as it will be
muddy, and sloshy very soon,
and these shoes are not not [sic]
the thing for mud and water
a good many of the boys have
got them at the Sutlers but
you know I never can get a fit
any where,.. now what had I better
do go over and look in Washington
or have a pair made at the same
place that I get shoes  I wish
Father would write and tell me
what I had better do about it
as I shall want them in about
a month as it will be dreadful

muddy and sloshy here this winter.
                   I suppose you remember that
Roberts boy that used to be in

Hinman’s printing office.  He died
in the hospital about an hour
ago he had been sick for some
time but I don’t know what
has been the matter with him
he had a bad sore on his back
which mortified and perhaps
caused his death..   he makes the
second that has died in our
company – there are a good many
sick in our company but it is
healthier here and I hope that
there won’t be as much sickness
     How do you get along in school
Father has a pretty easy time
in school don’t he as there are
not as many scholars as usual
     It there any thing new in Meriden

[[The remainder of this letter is written in the top margin on page one.]
write and tell me all
the news, am glad if
you had a good
visit to Warren
     how did the old
town look to you
did you remember
     I must stop
now    write me when
you get time
         Your brother

James H. Howard, Co. A., 15th Connecticut

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12668

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