Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1862 November 15 Staunton, Va.

[from the diary of Joseph Addison Waddell, civilian employee of the Quartermaster Dept.]

Saturday, Nov. 15, 1862.

No definite intelligence about the Yankees in Highland — a rumor that they have gone towards the Warm Springs. The British Minister, Lord Lyons, has arrived at Washington, accompanied by Simon Cameron, late U. S. Minister to Russia. The London Times says the British Secretary of War, in his speech against immediate intervention, spoke the sentiment of the Ministry; but report says that Cameron expresses the belief that England + France will interfere before long, and that the Confederates are fitting out vessels in British ports to attack New York city. We have had various reports from the North of a Confederate navy brig under way in England — of course our government does not divulge the pact, if the reports are true in any measure. Gen. McClelland has been superseded, taken from the command of the army, removed or resigned. We attach much importance to this circumstance.

MSS 38-258

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