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1862 November 15 Harper's Ferry, Va.

                                  "Office"--Nov. 15th 1862

           I received your charming letter of the 2d just
as I was le taking my letter of the 9th to the office and
I thought I would wait and answer it.  But, Addie
mine, I had no idea of waiting six days ere attending
to that important and not unpleasant duty--but my
health was in such a state that I was unable to
attend to "office duties."  But lest I frighten you, I will
tell you all=just as it really was=  I had a slight
attack of Liver complaint which troubled me some, but
I am recovering from it now-not in my fancy-but really
getting well= I am somewhat thinner and weaker than
I was, but might have been expected-During the
entire time, I have remained int he office=so you see I have
not been "dangerous" by any means.                I should
not have been so explicit, but you are so fearful I half conceal
the real truth, but my darling rest assured, I can conceal
nothing from you=which I know you so wish to know.
   I will not answer your letter now=for I cannot=
but I will write an early reply.   How kind and truthful
you are!  I can only love you more and more=Oh! how
I wish this War would end.

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  So Laurie is no longer "Laurie" but Mrs. Thompson.
Please present my compliments and all the other "nice
things," to the happy pair.  Success and happiness
attend thee my darling this Winger  Do you like Farmington
               Please write very soon to
                                Your own devoted and loving

Charles N. Tenney, 7th Ohio

MSS 11616

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