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1862 November 15 Culpepper, Va.

[letter of Andrew J. Gillespie, begun on the 13th and continued on the 14th concludes]

         Saturday Night Nover the 15
         Susan I would have sent this By mail But
Mr Melton has bin here for a day or too and I will send
it by him as he has promised to carry Edgars Axe that I have
bin writeing about the handle I mad at camp Ninaveh
west of the Blue Ridge Mountain he must keep it in
Remberance of his Pa
          While I am here in my Tent Writeing I fear you
have to watch over some one of our childre[n] that may bee
sick Oh how hard it is that the Emerginces are sutch that
we have to bee Seperated as we are But I hope you are all well
or better than when you wrote
   the capt told me today that he would take Nathan
in my place if the Magor and the Genral would
agree and I will try and find out in a few days and
write you word  But if the children are vary sick
when this come to hand try and get another man
to come out here and i will certainly try my best
to get off and if they are not dangerous write to me
immediately for I Shal bee uneasy until I hear from
you again,  Tell Nathan if he is still in the notion
of comeing to hold himself in readyness with his
mair and Bugy for he can drive from Mr Tylers to this
place in one day and that will bee Better than
comeing on the cars and he could bring any little
thing that cosin James or Davys folks might want to send
Harvy begins to think about his Father comeing over here

[page 2]
you all have no Idea how bad the soldiers wa[n]t to visit
home it is all lthe talk you can hear it around every fire
but Talk is about all no chanse for Ferloughs now
I am truly sorry to hear of so mutch Sickness and
the deaths you write But was not surprised to hear
of the death of Mrs Jones (Ann Bogs) for I herd from
her a fiew days before you letter by a man from
that neighbourhood I herd also of the death of Marshal
    I will bring this to a close as the Boys are cralling
under their blankets and I feel like it my self
Remember me to Mrs. Hambleton Mr & Mrs Leaxie
for their Kindness to you
                            Nothing More But Remain your
                            Affectionate Husband
                                   a J Gillespie
your letter of the 3rd november has not come to hand
yet we are at the same camp we ware when I wrote to you

Andrew J. Gillespie, Ancell's Co., Va Light Artillery

MSS 9564

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