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1862 November 12 Staunton, Va.

[From the diary of Joseph A. Waddell, civilian employee of the Quartermaster Dept.]

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 1862
Very busy for more than a week past — no time to write — and not much to record. This morning exciting reports afloat — Yankees at Shenandoah mountain (26 miles from town) — captured several hundred hogs belonging to Glendy — have driven off Imboden, capturing hogs, in Hardy, belonging to J. M. McCue — captured him (McC) but he escaped with loss of hat and wig. Some assert that a few Yankees are or have been, at Monterey, and there are none nearer. Various small commands, at Warm Springs +c, have been notified by courier to try to intercept the enemy. Much apprehension lest the Yankees get here. Sister in a worry about getting home. We know nothing definite as to the position of our army under Gen. Lee. Jackson said to be about Winchester — Lee in Culpeper. Enemy pressing with large force towards Culpeper, from the Potomac. Rumors of a fight in Culpeper a few days ago. The late elections in the United States went against the Republicans, generally. New York, New Jersey, Illinois + perhaps others, have gone with Pennsylvania, Ohio + Indiana for the opposition to Lincoln's administration. Dont know what effect it will have upon the war. All parties there seem to be in favor of prosecuting it. In the mean time, the enemy are making vigorous efforts all around the board. They have been operating in North Carolina, and an immediate attack upon Charleston, S. C., is expected. A young man named Wade, from Montgomery, returning to the army, came to our house to see Sister last night. We invited him to stay, and he slept in the parlour.
Afternoon. — The S.C. Cavalry Regiment, which has been in this vicinity for some time, went out just now to see after the enemy in the mountains. They passed through town, and made a great display. A report, brought from Winchester to-day, that an uprising has taken place in Maryland, and that Jackson has gone down that way. The mountains west are on fire, making a great smoke — A number of small-pox cases — I was re-vaccinated to-day.

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow project]

MSS 38-258

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